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Research Guide | Negro Leagues Baseball

A LibGuide containing resources for information on the Negro Leagues.


Podcast | The Long Island History Project

A joint collaboration with the Long Island History Project, this podcast discusses the history of the Cuban Giants, the premier Negro Leagues baseball team, which originated on Long Island during the era of segregated baseball.


YouTube | Fan Fiction and Beta Reading for Education

A photo video created using Screencastomatic, a free screen capture software used for tutorials and presentations.  This expository video titled "Fan Fiction and Beta Reading for Education" includes intermittent survey cards meant to gather information for pre-assessment purposes.


Project | 01

Project | 02

Project | 03

Project | 04

Blogger | Children's Books and Friendship

This educational blog in intended as a resource for K-6 educators.  The collection of titles and their accompanying summaries can be incorporated into both lesson plans and/or library media services.


Google Sites| Custom Tailoring 1

A working website for a hybrid online/scaffolding course in Neapolitan Custom Tailoring.  This bare-boned website is meant to house instructional content provided by the instructor and made accessible to all students.  MindMeister - an online mind mapping software - is also utilized through this website for the mapping of course objectives.


Project | 05

Project | 06

Research Guide | Threshold Concepts for Information Literacy

A LibGuide containing information and resources on threshold concepts for information literacy.


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